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Parking on NSAB


Parking on Naval Support Activity Bethesda is limited.

With nearly 12,000 personnel who work on such a small installation, there is simply no way to accommodate that level of traffic.

Additionally, NSAB is directed by the National Capital Planning Commission to keep parking as close to a 1 to 3 ratio as possible.

The requirement is part of managing traffic in the region, and encourages commuters to use alternative means of transportation, including carpools and public transit options.

Every two years, Ryan Emery, NSAB transportation officer, reviews parking pass distribution. He is tasked with determining whether each mission partner has their fair share to accommodate their personnel and mission.

According to Emery, the number of parking spaces allotted to each mission partner is based on their size in relation to other organizations on the base.

An additional 10% is allotted in overall parking, he says, to accommodate for people on leave, TDY orders, night shift workers, and other exceptional circumstances.

The last new round of parking pass distribution took place in 2013. Emery projects the next round will take place sometime in 2017.