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The Geriatrics staff provides a multi-disciplinary clinical care program for seniors, emphasizing continuity of care across multiple providers of healthcare delivery. Our services emphasize healthy living and improvement in daily functioning.

We provide patient and family-centered care in the context of each individual’s functional and psychosocial situation. Our team, which includes specialists in geriatric medicine, geriatric nursing, and social work, develops a comprehensive care plan for each patient, and coordinates your care across the continuum, which may include hospitalization, rehabilitation, nursing home, and home care services.

Geriatrics Consults
Clinic visits provided on a consultative basis to assess cognitive impairment, functional decline, frailty, and other problems of aging.

Falls Prevention Clinic
A series of three Wednesday morning sessions to assess risk factors for falls and to give patients practical guidance in reducing these risks.

Driver’s Clinic
Evaluates and counsels elderly patients regarding their capacity and safety as automobile drivers.

Golden Years Clinic
A multidisciplinary team led by a geriatrician to provide a comprehensive medical, psychological, and social evaluation for patients with multiple medical problems who may have difficulty caring for themselves.



America Building, 2nd Floor

(301) 319-4696

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
0730 - 1600