Prosthetic Orthotic Service

Restoring Fighting Strength

Major Services
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Custom Knee Braces
  • Custom AFO's
  • Custom TLSO's
  • Custom KAFO's

Offers a full range of prosthetic and orthotic services, uses state of the art advanced prosthetic limb technology for design, milling, and production of prosthetic devices. Prosthetic devices are manufactured and fit and adjusted in the Prosthetic Orthotic Service which is adjacent to the Military Advanced Training Center to enable the Prosthetists to work closely with the physical and occupational therapists to ensure the best possible fit and utilization of the prosthetic devices. The WRNMMC Prosthetic Orthotic Service offers comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic services within the Tri-Care North East Region. The service offers fabrication and fitting of all types of orthotics and prosthetics by board certified Orthotists and Prosthetists. Patients need their ID card and a written prescription for the service desired. Appointments are made with individual practitioners by contacting the Front Desk at (301) 400-1383.

Prosthetic Devices
Appointments are made by calling (301) 295-7850) / 4866 or are booked into CHCS by your provider. The Amputee Clinic is staffed by attending Prosthetists, Physiatrists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nurse Case Management and Psychiatry as needed. Active duty amputees are all seen at the Prosthetic Orthotic Service with the highest priority and dependents/retirees may have to wait or are issued a statement of non-availability to an approved network provider.

Orthotic Devices
These appointments generally take 10 to 20 minutes to fit the device your doctor has ordered. Only paper referrals that are legible from your provider are accepted at this time. The Prosthetic Orthotic Service stocks the majority of the most common prefabricated off-the-shelf devices offering support and protection for patients with orthopedic/musculoskeletal problems. In the rare instance that your device is not in stock, an order for it will be immediately placed with estimated arrival time. Status questions on orders and in stock items can be answered by calling our front desk at (301) 400-1383.

For Custom Foot Orthotics (not off the shelf) patients will report with written referral in hand as a walk-in. The walk-in Custom Foot Orthotic Clinic is closed on Federal Holidays. Regular hours are stated below:
  • 0800 - 1500 hours Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • 0800 - 1200 hours Thursday

Custom Orthotic Work (not off the shelf) can be made for the following services:
  1. Custom Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO's)
  2. Custom Spinal Orthotics (TLSO's)
  3. Custom Lower Extremity Metal/Plastic Bracing (KAFO's and HKAFO's)

To make a Custom Orthotic Work appointment you must first call (301) 400-1383 with your written referral. Our front desk will ask what custom device your provider has requested and we will refer your call to the appropriate practitioner who will make you an appointment to cast, trace, measure, or scan the affected limb. Once the procedure is complete your practitioner will give you an estimated completion date so you can arrange a follow-up appointment to be fitted with the completed device and any adjustment appointments if necessary. Patients who have previously been seen by the Orthotic and Prosthetic Service are considered for custom manufactured orthotics or prosthetic. All follow-up appointments will be scheduled directly with the practitioner building the device.


America Building (19) Floor: 1

Front Desk
(301) 400-1383

Prosthetics Appointments:
(301) 295-7850/4866

Hours of Operation
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
0800 - 1500


0800 - 1200