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Red Cross Volunteer: ‘If there’s anything that has to be done…I will do it’


By Kalila Fleming

WRNMMC Public Affairs

“Kind-hearted, selfless and compassionate” are the words Red Cross Senior station manager at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Marin Reynes uses to describe volunteer Wilma Clark.

Within the last year, Clark has volunteered more than 750 hours at WRNMMC, which was one of the reasons she was selected Volunteer of the Quarter among the more than 600 volunteers at the medical center.
She really is a staple of this office,” Reynes said. “No matter what it is, if I’m short staffed, Wilma is raising her hand to help and stay a little bit later than she normally would. She is always willing to help, even with the smallest project.”
Clark has volunteered for more than 14 years at WRNMMC.
“I’ve always liked being in a hospital [setting], and when I was in high school I was a volunteer for the Red Cross at the Washington Hospital Center; I was one of the first volunteers there,” Clark said. “When I retired, I had said I wanted to give back to society,” she added.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Clark volunteers in WRNMMC’s Immunization and Allergy clinic where she assists at the front desk answering phones, greeting patients and performing other supporting functions.
“I just make sure that everybody is checked in, has all their paperwork, and they are ready to be seen by their provider,” Clark said.
“On Wednesday, [Clarks] takes the Red Cross Comfort Cart around the hospital filling any needs our patients and their family members may have from toiletries, to clothing, to entertainment items. [She] even served as leader of the comfort cart for more than a year,” Reynes said.
“In addition to all of these duties, Monday through Thursday Wilma pulls double duty as part of a command initiative by picking up menus from the John P. Murtha Cancer Center, and delivering them to [Café 8901] so requests can be filled, picking up meals, and delivering  them to the Murtha Cancer Center. This ensures patients receiving treatment for more than six hours are provided meals,” Reynes added.
“Wilma has seen a lot. She has been here a long time. There has been a lot that has happened in this hospital and although times are changing, there is still the same kind of support that we are able to provide and a strong volunteer base that has compassion and will continue to support the families however we can. That’s what we look for; that’s what Wilma does,” Reynes continued.
“It’s very rewarding and I always feel that if there’s anything that has to be done, if I can, I will do it,” Clark said.