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Providers have the option to refer patients to the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), NICoE Evaluation Track (NET), or the TBI Service Outpatient Clinic.

NICoE Intensive Outpatient Program and NICoE Evaluation Track

The primary care provider from the patient’s home care team should fill out the Patient Referral form. Fax the form to +1 (301) 319-3700.

NICoE TBI Service Outpatient Clinic and NICoE Evaluation Track

The NICoE's Referral Management Team will determine appropriate candidates for the NICoE Evaluation Track upon reviewing referrals to the TBI Service Outpatient Clinic.

Within the National Capital Region:

Provider referrals may be entered directly into the Composite Health Care System (CHCS)

Outside of the National Capital Region:

For information about referrals to any NICoE program, the primary care provider should email: A member of our Referral Management Team will contact you to follow-up on your request.

Brain Fitness Center

Please contact your TBI case manager or primary care provider if you are interested in participating in the Brain Fitness Center.