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Human Brain Mapping2014Yeh, P. H., Wang, B., Oakes, T. R., French, L. M., Pan, H., Graner, J. & Riedy, G.
Neurotherapeutics2016Wickwire, E. M., Williams, S. G., Roth, T., Capaldi, V. F., Jaffe, M., Moline, M., ..., Morgan, G.W., & Pazdan, R. M.
The Arts in Psychotherapy2016Walker, M. S., Kaimal, G., Koffman, R., & DeGraba, T. J.
Frontiers in Neurology2016Temme, L. A., Onge, P. S., & Bleiberg, J.
Radiology2015Riedy, G., Senseney, J. S., Liu, W., Ollinger, J., Sham, E., Krapiva, P., ... & Nathan, D.
Clinical Neurophysiology2016Popescu, M., Hughes, J. D., Popescu, E. A., Riedy, G., & DeGraba, T. J.
The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation2016Pape, M. M., Williams, K., Kodosky, P. N., & Dretsch, M.
Psychopharmacology2016Onakomaiya, M. M., & Henderson, L. P.
Brain Connectivity2016Nathan, D. E., Bellgowan, J. F., Oakes, T., French, L. M., Nadar, S. R., Sham, E. B., ... & Riedy, G.
Depression and Anxiety2016Lee, D. J., Schnitzlein, C. W., Wolf, J. P., Vythilingam, M., Rasmusson, A. M., & Hoge, C. W.
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