Oral Surgery

Harry R. Cole, CDR, DC, USN
Department Head, Oral Surgery
Naval Postgraduate Dental School
Policy on Access to Care
The primary mission of the Department of Oral Surgery is to support the residency training programs at the Naval Postgraduate Dental School (NPDS). Treatment provided is primarily on a referral basis.

Eligible patients referred to oral surgery are screened with an evaluation appointment prior to being accepted into the program. This initial screening is not a guarantee that the patient will be accepted as an oral surgery patient. The following criteria must be met before an evaluation appointment will be made:

1.  Patient must be an eligible beneficiary, enrolled in DEERS, and present a valid DOD identification card. The patient must be 18 years of age or older.

2.  Patients must have a note from the referring dentist for teeth other than third molars. For third molar (wisdom teeth) extractions patients can call directly to the clinic for an evaluation appointment.  The phone number is 301-295-5841. Cases that exceed levels of complexity needed to be treated by the resident may be referred to the hospital oral surgery clinic.

3.  Patients must be in the local area with enough time to complete the treatment. Normal treatment time with follow up is 7-10 days.


Oral Surgery
Building 1
Main: (301) 295-5841
DSN: 295-5841
Fax: (301) 295-5767

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
0730 - 1600