Business Cell

The DRP Business Cell assist with funding, grant writing, technology transfer, informatics, contract management, and comptroller duties.  These services are provided to investigators to facilitate their research.  Please contact the relevant offices, described below.


Intramural grants are offered by the DRP in support of the graduate medical education (GME) program. The GME program was designed to assist investigators to support their research interests.

Extramural funding opportunities are all research programs funded through sources outside of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC). WRNMMC has established an infrastructure for direct grant submission to funding agencies but also encourages using our foundation partners for pursuit of opportunities.

For more information, please contact the Research Agreements Manager/Grants Writer at (301) 295-8292.

Grant Writing

Grant writing services within the Department of Research Programs are offered to all WRNMMC research investigators. The services include assisting investigators with the location of funding opportunities, review and interpretation of funding agency guidelines, grant writing, and grant submission and award administration services. Assistance is also offered in review of final submission packages to ensure compliance with established guidelines.

For more information, please contact the Research Agreements Manager/Grants Writer at (301) 295-8292


Phone: (301) 295-2215

Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Office is the focal point for technology transfer within the Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) National Capital Region (NCR) Medical Directorate. Its primary purpose is to oversee and implement the NCR technology transfer program and coordinate partnership agreements between the NCR components and other organizations including non-Federal parties.
The Technology Transfer Office offers advice and assists with technology transfer agreements especially cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs), intellectual property agreements, patent licensing agreements, and personnel exchange.

If you are collaborating on your research with anyone outside, you may need a formal agreement. The Technology Transfer Office helps with collaborative and other research related agreements such CRADAs/MTAs/ collaborative agreements.

For more information, please contact the Technology Transfer Specialist at (301) 295-8248.


The Research Informatics Office advances and advises on automation technology tools and data resources. The goal is to support and advance research informatics within WRNMMC, the National Capital Region Medical Directorate, and the Department of Health Affairs. The office provides functional support for the local DRP and DoD enterprise systems including.
We leverage tools to support visual analytics, dashboards, data mining, informed decisions, and other capabilities such as collaborative data metrics and MS Office integration. The Initial Defense Health Big Data to Knowledge rollout in January 2016 will implement research administration, investigator research (Behavioral Health), business decision support, and patient administration applications. Additionally, the office supports Defense Health Big Data to Knowledge and Data Warehouse for comprehensive big data analytics and data driven science.

For more information, please contact Research Informatics at (301) 295-8276.

Contract Management

Contracts Management is an essential component of the WRNMMC’s overall research effort. One of the services the DRP Business Office provides is a dedicated contracts management support liaison for procurement guidance, contract administrative, and management support, by interpreting contracting opportunity guidelines to principal investigators and a large network of organizations within the WRNMMC.
The contract management support liaison provides significant expertise and depth in advanced concepts, principles, and practices within the acquisition management and general medical logistics management functional areas. These include program management, integrated logistics support concepts, wholesale supply system, cataloging, and contracting administration/procurement.

For more information, please contact the Contract Management Specialist at (301) 295-8272.

Comptroller Liaison

This group supports the DRP by processing cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs). The group also ensures that the progress and administration of the objectives within the CRADA are achieved. Additional duties include working with management to define goals and map program initiatives and act as liaison with the comptroller’s office in support of research related costs.

For more information, please contact the Budget Analyst at (301) 400-3225.


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