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Research Development

Research Development provides assistance in protocol development, biostatistics, research education services (outreach), and scientific review.

Protocol Navigator  

The research protocol specialists advise and educate researchers on protocol development, the protection of human subjects, coordination of IRBNet submission packages and ensure that administrative, legal, and regulatory standards are met.

The Protocol Specialists work with investigators in several ways. They provide administrative, technical, and policy guidance relevant to investigators’ proposal. Secondly, they identify and offer alternatives for potential problems associated with investigator research including fiscal and legal implications. Finally, they assist investigator with protocol and consent development, IRBNet submission, identification of appropriate letters of support and impact statements, and completeness and accuracy of the submission package.
For more information, please contact the Senior Research Reviewer at (301) 295-8233.


The Biostatistics Section of the DRP is designed to help researchers prepare scientifically rigorous protocols and to analyze data. Biostatistics has a major role in biomedical and public health research.
    Tailored biostatistics services and consulting: assisting and supporting PIs in one-on-one consulting sessions. This also includes assistance in study design, endpoint strategies, sample size estimation, justification, assistance writing portion of grants, and writing of statistical section of protocols and grants. Adherence guidance is provided for journal guidelines, research design, analysis and presentation (eg., CONSORT, STROBE, and STARD), randomization schedules, simple interpretations, and reporting results.
    Introductory Level: Hands-on "Introduction to SPSS" training Intermediate Level: Hands-on SPSS training & Review of Basic statistical concepts
    Advanced Level: Hands-on SPSS training & Review of relative statistical concepts
    One-on-one review of basic statistical concepts and tools with PIs (one hour session) and “Statistics in Research” Lectures for the 1st year NPDS residents (two one hour sessions).
For more information, please contact a biostatistician at (301) 295-8235.

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Training Classes

Research Education Services

The Research Education Services (RES) is the Department of Research Programs’ public face to the WRNMMC. RES serves as liaison between WRNMMC and Research Regulatory Oversight Office (R2O2), which holds the assurance and the license for CITI Training at WRNMMC. In addition, RES is responsible for communicating and disseminating policy guidelines provided by Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness).

RES also hosts diverse events for investigators to share their research findings with others at the WRNMMC. Other services include outreaches, a newsletter, research roundtables, research competitions, research summits, and MERF and CITI training for researchers.

For more information, please contact the Supervisory Medical Education Specialist at (301) 295-8231.

MERF & CITI Training Schedule

Scientific Review

Scientific review, required under DoD 3216.02, is separate and distinct from Institutional Review Board (IRB) review. The goal of the scientific review process is to send investigators to the IRB with a scientifically sound protocol and a well-documented transparent review. At WRAMC, Scientific Review was done by a committee within a committee. This is a group of individuals who were members of the IRB who were selected on a rotating basis to do scientific review at the IRB meeting. Most recently, the scientific review process has been decentralized and is now performed by individual departments. There are numerous ways to perform scientific review. Some individuals prefer to use a check list while others review in a journal club like fashion. Some reviewers prefer to put comments right on the protocol. Other teams use a narrative form. Under the decentralized program, there are no specific requirements for documentation.
For more information, please call (301) 319-2116.


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