Department of Research Programs

Welcome to the Department of Research Programs (DRP) - a merging of two research services into one fully-integrated joint department. Our mission involves providing world-class support for research development, protocol review, and project oversight for military and civilian staff, as well as partnered entities. Additionally, we house a state-of-the-art biomedical laboratory capable of supporting a wide-range of clinical laboratory studies.


Building 17B
3rd Floor, Suite C

Main (301) 295-8239/8219

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
0700 - 1630

Upcoming Events

Designing a Protocol
2/17/2014 - 4/4/2033
DRP Conference Room #3083
Submitting a Research Protocol
2/17/2014 - 4/4/2033
DRP Conference Room #3083
Creating and Producing a Poster
2/18/2014 - 4/5/2033
DRP Conference Room #3083
Submitting a Publication for Clearance
2/19/2014 - 4/6/2033
DRP Conference Room #3083
Registering in CITI
2/20/2014 - 4/7/2033
DRP Conference Room #3083
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