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Navy Medical Support Detachment 


Navy Medical Support Detachment will be a seamlessly integrated health system utilizing active duty, reserve and civilian forces to align our functions and processes, decrease variation and maximize quality and efficiency.

Navy Medical Support Detachment Mission
  • Exercise command and fiscal oversight of subordinate commands assigned to the region.
  • Ensure the delivery of efficient, effective and quality health care services within the region.
  • Provide personnel and training oversight to support the full spectrum of Navy and Marine Corps combat and contingency operations.
  • Ensure planning and preparation for disaster and emergency management within the region.
  1. Navy Medical Support Detachment, Bethesda, Maryland
  2. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center , Bethesda, MD
  3. Naval Medical Clinic, Annapolis, Maryland
  4. Naval Medical Clinic, Patuxent River, Maryland
  5. Naval Medical Clinic, Quantico, Virginia
Your command should be your first point of contact if you are considering filing a complaint. You will save time by submitting your complaint to the lowest level in the chain of command.

If you are unable to resolve your issue using your chain of command, you may consider contacting your local IG. The IG will review your complaint to determine whether or not the issue is a matter for the IG. The IG will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and tell you an investigation will be conducted or explain why your issue is not appropriate for investigation.

If you submit your complaint to DoD IG or the Naval Inspector General, your complaint is forwarded to the local IG for investigation.

To assist you with your hotline complaint review the 4-Step Hotline Complaint Procedure.



Main:(301) 319-8990
DSN: 285-8990
Fax: (301) 400-2400
Attention: Navy Medical Support Detachment Inspector General

Mailing address:
Navy Medical Support Detachment
Inspector General
8901 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, MD 20889

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Regional Commander, Navy Medical Support Detachment
RADM Alton L Stocks
(301) 295-5800

Chief of Staff
(301) 295-0963

Executive Assistant
(301) 295-4862

Assistant Chief of Staff
(301) 319-5094

Command Master Chief
(301) 295-2429

Director for Administration
(301) 295-2626

Deputy Chief of Staff - Resource Mgt
(301) 295-2426

Deputy Chief of Staff - Facilities
(301) 319-8617

Deputy Chief of Staff - Manpower
(301) 319-4136

Senior Dental Executive
(301) 319-8462

Senior Nurse Executive
(301) 319-4135

Administrative Operations Manager
(301) 295-2083

Contingency & Readiness Coordinator
(301) 295-6591

Budget Analyst
(301) 295-1693

Financial Analyst
(301) 319-8909

(301) 319-4474

Health Facilities Planner
(301) 319-4133

Health System Specialist (Business Decision Support)
(301) 319-4140

Hotline Investigator/Nurse Consultation/JC/MEDIG
(301) 295-8550

Public Affairs Officer
(301) 295-0584