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Murtha Cancer Center Membership Guidelines

Membership Overview
The Cancer Center will consider for membership researchers and clinicians, both military and civilian, associated with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Our members span many academic disciplines and include laboratory scientists, clinical investigators, clinical providers, epidemiologists, and behavioral and psychosocial scientists among many other specialties. Our members drive the basic, translational, and population-based research that will transform oncologic care in the military and benefit society at large. We appreciate your interest in membership and encourage you to review the benefits as well as responsibilities of membership. Additionally, we encourage you to review the specific criteria and qualifications of membership and consider submitting an online application. Click on the membership form link on the right side of this page, complete it, and email it to sylvan.a.mcdowell.ctr@mail.mil​.

  • Access to research and clinical funding opportunities
  • Potential access to Cancer Center-controlled space
  • Inclusion in Cancer Center communications and Program-related activities
  • Opportunities for leadership
  • Priority access to Cancer Center Resources, support services, and shared facilities
  • Opportunities for unique cancer research related support (e.g. protected research time, travel to scientific meetings)
  • May hold appointive office
  • Interact scientifically with other Cancer Center members both within and between programs
  • Actively participate in Cancer Center committees and public outreach
  • Actively participating in one or more of the MCC Research Programs
  • Seek funding on peer-reviewed cancer relevant grants
  • Publish peer-reviewed cancer research
  • Accrue patients to institutional clinical trials and, where appropriate, to national cooperative group trials
  • Provide updates relating to publications, research support, clinical protocols, patient accrual that would be relevant to furthering the scientific mission and indicative of activities within a comprehensive cancer center
  • Provide availability for mentoring activities and training programs
  • Acknowledge the Murtha Cancer Center facilities, space, or support, when appropriate in research presentations and publications
  • Attend scheduled Cancer Center functions, seminars, and conferences
  • Propose candidates for membership
Members must meet each of the following four criteria:
  1. Academic and/or medical affiliations:
    1. Medical staff of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Medical staff of Murtha Cancer Center partner MTFs
    2. Faculty member of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
    3. Medical staff of Murtha Cancer Center partner MTFs
    4. Affiliated scientist of a DOD program supportive of a or b or c
    5. Scientist affiliated with a cancer research program at the NIH
  2. An active professional commitment to participate in cancer research, treatment, patient care, and/or education
  3. One of the following:
    1. Principal investigator and/or co-principal investigator on peer-reviewed, cancer relevant grants, OR
    2. Clinical Investigator engaged in cancer care and research, including enrollment of patients in clinical trials OR
    3. Newly recruited faculty member in his/her initial period of appointment (usually 3 years), OR
    4. Established faculty member who has moved into cancer research in the last 3 years
  4. One of the following:
    1. Active or retired member of the uniformed services
    2. Active or retired government civilian employee
    3. Contract employee / scientist integrated within a DOD research program
Note: Membership may also be granted by the Murtha Cancer Center Director.

Associate Members
Associate membership is open to both Department of Defense personnel and civilian trainees. Associate members enjoy all membership privileges except the right to hold appointive office or to propose candidates for membership.

Associate members are those who are:
  1. Oncologic fellows or post-doctoral fellows under the mentorship of a MCC research scientist; or
  2. are individuals meeting all of the membership qualifications above but are geographically separated from Murtha Cancer Center; or
  3. are involved in fulfilling the cancer mission of the MCC in research, education, advocacy, or care but do not currently meet the requirements of the cancer-related funding, publications or clinical trials


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