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Research Seminars

The Murtha Cancer Center will host the 5th Annual Cancer Research Seminar on June 19, 2017 to bring together researchers and clinicians from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and our Federal Partners to include the Uniformed Services University and the National Cancer Institute.

A list of the presentations given are below, slides are available for those that are hyperlinked.

“Role of miRNAs In Development Of Prostate Cancer”
by Roopa Biswas, PhD

“Characterization Of Drug Targets In Triple
Negative Breast Cancer Tissues”

by Joji Iida, PhD

“Skin Biomarkers For Exposure To Low Dose Radiation”
by Regina, Day, PhD

“Deconvolution Of Whole Blood Transcriptomes For Decisionable Biomarker Identification In Prostate Cancer”
by Clifton Dalgard, PhD

“Center For Prostate Disease Research:
Overview And Research Highlights”
by Shiv Srivastava, PhD

“Screening For Lung Cancer In Our Veterans”
by Corey A. Carter, MD, LCDR, MC USN

“Molecular Response Of The Axillary Lymph Node Microenvironment To Metastatic Colonization”
by Rachel Ellsworth, PhD

“Translational Research In Gynecologic Cancer”
by Chad A. Hamilton, MD, Lt Col, USAF, MC

“The Pro-Tumorigenic Microenviroment In Melanoma”
by Thomas Darling, MD, PhD

“Development of Best Practices-Based
Biobanking Processes”
by Stella Somiari, PhD

“Radiologic-Pathologic Implementation Of Multiplexing Technology: A Pilot Study”
by Vincent Ho, MD, MBA, Chief

“The Cancer Survivor Profile: Developing A
Decision Aid For Cancer Survivors”
by Michael Feuerstein, PhD, MPH, ABPP

“Development Of A Nurse Led GYN Oncology Survivorship Clinic: A Feasibility Study”
by Sarah Bernstein RN, MS, AOCN, GYN

“Development Of The Informatics
Infrastructure For The MCC”
by Hai Hu, PhD

“Pediatric Cancer Survivorship
Transitions Initiative”
by Thomas Newton, MD, Col, USAF, MC

“Smokeless Tobacco Use In The Military”
by Steve Lee, MD, MAJ, USA, MC  


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