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Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine

Our staff provides interdisciplinary clinical care for older individuals and patients of any age living with serious illness. Our goal is to optimize aging and improve well-being. We provide patient and family-centered care in the context of each patient’s unique functional and psychosocial situation. Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers and chaplains, develops a comprehensive care plan for each patient.

Geriatrics Consults
Our Geriatric Team offers outpatient consultation to assess cognitive and functional capability, strength, falls risks and other common age-related medical challenges. We work closely with our patients’ primary care providers and other physicians to provide comprehensive care that includes diagnosis and assessment, as well as education and treatment recommendations, to promote healthy aging.

Palliative Medicine Consults
Our Palliative Medicine team provides inpatient and outpatient consultative palliative medicine services focusing on preventing, treating and relieving the pain, stressors and other debilitating effects of serious and chronic illness. Palliative care is not dependent on diagnosis or expected outcome, and can be delivered along with curative treatments.

The ultimate goal of palliative care is to improve quality of life for patients and families facing serious illness. We provide patient-centered, whole-person care for patients and their families, and promote informed and value-driven decision making.



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