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Inpatient Care

Our newly formed hospitalist service is focused on providing hospitalized patients with world-class care at WRNMMC. All of our full-time hospitalists have completed Internal Medicine residencies and are currently certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).

A hospitalist is a physician whose primary professional focus is the care of hospitalized patients. They work exclusively in the hospital, dedicating their careers to the care of hospitalized patients. Working day in and day out within a fast-paced, often intense hospital environment, hospitalists gain unique expertise and experience that benefits patients when they are in the hospital.

They are in close communication with your primary care manager in the General Internal Medicine (GIM) clinic to ensure that your care is coordinated, and that the transition on discharge from the hospital is seamless. However, Hospitalists do not see patients in an outpatient clinic setting; they work full-time on the medical wards, devoting their full attention to the hospitalized patient.

Hospitalists also work closely with the Internal Medicine residency program, among other training programs, supervising and teaching our interns and residents. In addition, they engage in self-directed research projects, including quality improvement initiatives, some of which have been presented at international meetings. They also work jointly with many of our ancillary services to achieve a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.


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