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Primary and Specialty Eye Care

The WRNMMC Optometry Service is a world class clinic that specializes in eye and vision care. Protect your sight and prevent eye disease with regular eye exams. The Optometry Service offers state of the art testing, diagnosis and treatment in ocular pathology, refractive conditions, binocular vision, traumatic brain injury and low vision. Contact lens prescriptions can be updated and renewed yearly at the discretion of the provider. Due to limitations and military directives, new contact lens fits are referred to the civilian eye care provider but can be followed annually in the Optometry Service after the initial fitting.

Military physicals are completed on a walk-in basis. Flight Physicals requiring refraction are by appointment only. MEDPROS updates are done in the Medical Readiness Clinic (Bldg 8, 2nd Floor).

Regarding recruitment of potential military enlistees, please make sure applicant is enrolled in DEERS before making an appointment. MEPS applicants must have form 601-23-6 and their Report of Medical examination form 40-1-3-E-E.

WRNMMC Optometry Service serves as a center of learning for our nation’s optometry colleges as well as conducts and collaborates on vision and eye related research.

Our Services Include:
  • Comprehensive primary eye care
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye disease
  • Evaluation of ocular manifestations of diabetes and other systemic disease
  • Vision testing for driver’s license renewal
  • DoD Medical Evaluation Review Board examinations
  • Eyeglass dispensing for active duty and retired members
  • Vision care with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Medical Contact Lens Care

What Should I Bring?

Current eye glasses
Contact lenses with current prescription or packaging

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Building 85T Floor 1

Main: (301) 295-0213

(855) CAPMED1 or (855) 227-6331

(301) 295-6497

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
0700 - 1600 (Lunch from 1200-1300)