Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Welcome to the Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Clinic. We provide routine and specialized health care for teens and young adults ages 13 through 26. Our staff is here to work with you and your family to meet your physical, mental and emotional health care needs.

We are a teaching organization proudly serving those who serve. Our values are to provide unequaled patient care. Young adults need specialized medical care and a doctor with whom they can discuss anything, from acute and chronic illness, health maintenance and preventive care, to sexual concerns and emotional problems. Their parents also need support and helpful resources through these years.

As Adolescent Medicine Specialists, our staff has received specialized training in adolescent growth and development as we provide comprehensive care to every person in our care. The staff is always available to discuss health problems or answer questions, whether it comes from a parent or child. The Adolescent Clinic staff wants to work with you to help your teen and young adult make the best choices for a healthy future.
Our Disease Management Service provides counseling and support sessions to patients and their families on various topics, including chronic conditions, health concerns and medical equipment.
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