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  • To maximize operational readiness and keep the Uniformed Services mission-ready.
  • To provide quality primary, sub-specialty and emergency care services in a caring, patient and family centered environment.
  • To provide outstanding, customer-focused services for the DoD family.
  • To contribute to distinguished graduate and undergraduate medical education and ensure professional development for all staff members.
  • To actively collaborate in an integrated National Capital Area Health System.
  • To provide and coordinate healthcare services for patients appropriate to the specialties and subspecialties of Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Pediatrics, and Neurology to include examination, diagnosis, treatment, and proper disposition.
  • To coordinate and direct the operation of the medical specialty functions of the command.
  • To provide 24/7 on-call care services in a patient and family centered environment.
  • To provide command Social Work support.
  • To provide a culture of scientific inquiry that facilitates clinical and translational research.

  • Directs, plans, coordinates, implements, and evaluates activities related to the delivery of inpatient and ambulatory care within the designated medical services of the hospital.
  • Ensures the prompt and proper distribution of patients from the medical services as provided by law and regulations.
  • Conducts and coordinates appropriate professional training for the medical services staff.
  • Assists in developing hospital policy, devising procedures essential to achieving objectives, developing and evaluating medical service programs.
  • Ensures that staff maintains the highest standards of professional services and keep the quality of care at the optimal level.
  • Participates in and conducts appropriate portions of the WRNMMCB education programs.
  • Initiates, conducts, or participates in clinical and/or research studies for professional growth and development.

The Medical Services at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda is committed to fulfilling our mission of providing outstanding outpatient and inpatient Medical Care to our Armed Forces, Wounded Warriors, and all eligible beneficiaries. We will lead Military Medicine in delivering Patient Family Centered Care service; apply the Primary Care Medical Home model, and excel in research, innovation, and education to shape military medicine today and in the future.


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