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PHA/Physical Examination Requirements
  • Bring Medical Record to Medical Readiness Service
  • Fast for 12-14 Hours prior to laboratory testing
  • DO NOT consume any alcohol for 72 hours prior to laboratory testing
  • Contact Lenses need to be removed for the eye exam, eye glasses are recommended
  • Uniform of the Day is required
  • NOTE: Special duty physical exam is 2 parts; part 1 is done through the readiness clinic and part 2 varies by service and duty.
Physical Examinations

WRNMMC has a two part process for completing an Active Duty Physical Examination:

- Part I is conducted between 0700-1600 Thursday and Friday by appointment only; with the exception of Thursday afternoon (1200-1600), when the Medical Readiness Service is closed to support training.

- The following items are required to process a physical examination:
  • Active Duty - All patients must be currently serving on Active Duty, and TRICARE enrolled.
  • A Current Type II Dental Examination must have been completed within the past six months. Call the Dental Readiness Service at 301-295-5411/4059 for an appointment if you are outside that window.
  • A Well Woman Examination must have be completed within the past two years (Ages 18-29), and every three years (ages 30+), and documentation must be in the patient's medical record.
  • A Mammogram must have been completed within the past twelve months, and documentation of this exam must be in the patient's medical record. Call the Breast Imaging Center at 301-319-8502 to schedule an appointment.
- Part II of the physical examination cannot be initiated without documentation of the above requirements.

Click on the links below to get available forms Medical Review Boards Separation & Retirement Radiation Health Dive & Underwater Pre-Commissioning Sub & Nuke
DD 2807-1 Report of Medical H istory X X X X X X
DD 2808 Report of Medial Examination X X X X X X
DD 2697 Report of Medical Assesment X
NAVMED 6470/13 X Underwater
Med Only
MILPERMAN 1220-100 X
NAVMED 6150/2 X
Laboratory Test X X X X X X
Audiology X X X X X X
Vital Signs X X X X X X
Vision X X X X X X
Depth Perception X
Tonometry Over 40 Over 40 Over 40 Over 40 Over 40 Over 40
EKG Over 40 Over 40 X X X X
  • Bring Medical and Dental Record to the Medical Readiness Service.
  • Fast for 12-14 hours prior to laboratory testing.
  • Do Not consume any alcohol for 72 hrs prior to laboratory testing.
  • Contact Lenses need to be removed for the Eye Exam, eye glasses are recommended.
What to expect at your visit:

  • The Medical Readiness Service staff will screen your Medical and Dental records, review the above documentation for individual requirements, assist members with completion of required documents, and provide age appropriate preliminary exam testing. Associated laboratory test will be ordered under your Primary Care Manager and the patient will book an appointment for Part II at least 7 – 10 days after the necessary blood tests have been collected.
  • The patient's Primary Care Manager will complete part II of the physical examination process.