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Prenatal Genetic Testing

All women in pregnancy will be offered prenatal genetic testing.  Any and all testing is optional; decisions about genetic testing in pregnancy are expected to be made by the individual patient.  OB providers and/or a genetic counselor can help patients make decisions about testing.

We invite you to view the following presentations regarding information about prenatal genetic testing options, conditions being tested, and how to decide which testing may be best for you in your pregnancy.  Women of all ages are encouraged to view these videos early in pregnancy (after pregnancy has been confirmed and before her new OB appointment).

The following videos contain the information that was previously presented at the weekly live Prenatal Genetic Testing Class.  It is recommended that you view each video at least once.  If you attended a class in the past year or two, you may wish to view just Section 3, Genetic Screening and Diagnosis, to review the current test offerings.

Please view any or all of the following recorded webinars as often as you like…

SECTION 1: Overview of Prenatal Genetic Testing and Decision Making

SECTION 2: Review of Basic Genetics, Conditions and Inheritance

SECTION 3: Review of Prenatal Genetic Screening and Diagnostic Testing Options

This video reviews the current prenatal screening options available through the military medical system in the National Capital Area. It also reviews basic information regarding prenatal diagnostic testing, such as amniocentesis.

SECTION 4: Review of Carrier Screening for Common Autosomal Recessive Conditions

This video reviews standard population based carrier screening for the most common autosomal recessive conditions, such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease and Tay Sachs disease.

Additional Forms
Screening and Diagnostic Testing At-A-Glance

This chart provides a quick look at how prenatal screening and diagnostic testing options compare.

Prenatal Genetic Testing Patient Overview

Genetic Counseling

Individual prenatal and reproductive genetic counseling is available for patients to discuss the significance of family members with genetic conditions, congenital anomalies (changes in physical or intellectual development), abnormal test results, new genetic diagnoses and to discuss genetic testing options or results. If you wish to see a genetic counselor, please talk with your regular OB provider to request that a referral for Genetic Counseling be entered for you. During your genetic consultation, you will be asked about the medical history of family members for you and your partner, including children, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Please print and complete the following form and bring with you to your appointment:

Prenatal History Form