National Military Audiology and Speech Pathology Center

The National Military Audiology and Speech Pathology Center (NMASC) represents the highest echelon of Audiology and Speech Pathology evaluation and treatment in the Military Healthcare System. Established in 1943, the NMASC has a unique mandate to coordinate audiology programs, conduct basic, applied and translational research, and provide consultation for hearing-aid programs, aural rehabilitation and clinical audiology and speech-pathology services across the Department of Defense.

History of the Army Audiology & Speech Center, 1943-2011
The National Military Audiology & Speech Center, 2011-present

Our mission is to preserve and improve the health and quality-of-life of our nation’s heroes and their families by developing, incorporating and disseminating state-of-the-art clinical practices in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.

We provide world-class research, education and care in the areas of:
  • Hearing & Balance
  • Voice & Swallowing
  • Speech & Language
  • Advanced Technologies & Prosthetic Devices
  • Auditory Processing & Cognitive Communication

Populations served:

  • Active Duty and family members
  • Retired military service members and dependents of retirees
Services Include:

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America Building, 5th Floor

Front Desk: (301) 295-7840/7820

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday

Hearing Aid Lab Hours (Walk-Ins Only)
Monday thru Thursday
0800 - 1100
1300 - 1500