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Welcome to the Otolaryngology,
Head and Neck Division

The Surgeons, Residents, and Staff that make up the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at WRNMMC provide comprehensive treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders in adults and children.
Our team is dedicated to providing the best patient care using the latest proven treatment methods. We have a new state of the art facility and are staffed by a group of surgeons committed to the care of our service members, retirees and their families.
Common conditions that are evaluated and treated in our department include pediatric tonsillitis, snoring and children's ear infections, or more complex illnesses such as sinusitis, voice disorders, sleep apnea, thyroid disorders, head and neck cancer, and facial reconstructive concerns. We share your goal to restore health to you and your loved ones.
We serve active duty, active duty family members, retirees, and retiree family members who are TRICARE PRIME enrollees. You will require a referral (consult) from your Tricare Primary care Manager.


America Building, Floor 5

Front Desk: (301) 295-4664
DSN: 295-4664

(301) 295-6289

Toll Free Out of Area Appointments
(855) 227-6331


Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
0730 - 1630