Ethics - Standards of Conduct for Government Employees

Executive Order 12674 – 14 Principles of Ethical Conduct

(Bedrock Standards for How Government and Civilian Employees Should Operate)

In general, employees must act impartially, in the public’s interest, putting their personal interests aside, and MUST AVOID EVEN THE APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY Employees’ Guide to Standards of Conduct (A Quick-Reference Guide for Employees on Gifts, Conflicts of Interest, Use of Government Resources, Outside Activities, Off-Duty Employment, and Gifts of Travel)

Department of Defense's Joint Ethics Regulation


Financial Disclosure

(Conflict of Interest Forms Required to Be Filed By Certain Employees)

Confidential Filing of Information on the OGE Form 450

Public Filing of Information on the OGE 278

2012 Annual Ethics Training

Here is the link for the training: 2012 Annual Ethics Training Online. Click on 2012 Annual Ethics Training.  At the end you'll get a training certificate.  Please provide a copy of it to us either to Ms. Vera Cropp's attention (vera.cropp@med.navy.mil) or bring it by the WRNMMC Staff Judge Advocate's Office in Building 1, 6th Deck. Any questions? Contact 301-295-2215. As a reminder, OGE 450 filers MUST complete the training by 31 December 2012. Your Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO) is the WRNMMC Staff Judge Advocate.

Gifts to Service Members and Their Families from Non-Federal Sources

SECNAVINST 4001.2J, Acceptance of Gifts

Gifts of Travel (Non-Federal Source offer Gift Funds For Official TAD)

Gifts of Travel Decision Matrix

Special Guidance
Off-Duty Employment/Outside Activities

Contractors in the Federal Workplace

Political Campaigns and Elections
Post-Government Employment Advice
(Retirees or those separating from Military/Federal Work and seeking a Job That’s Outside Federal Service, such as a Private Contractor)

Publications Clearance
To request clearance for clinical, professional, and research-related authored works (lectures, posters, manuscripts, web postings, etc.), go to IRBNet, which is part of the Defense Medical Research Network available at Army/Defense Knowledge Online (AKO/DKO). You will first need an AKO/DKO account, https://www.us.army.mil. Once you have an account, the Defense Medical Research Network is found at https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/596540, which also contains instructions for submitting these documents for review.

Holiday Guidance for DOD Personnel


Your WRNMMC Ethics Counselor:

WRNMMC Staff Judge Advocate

Legal Office
Bldg 1, 6th Floor

Main: (301) 295-2215