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Manpower Management

Reporting aboard WRNMMC can be a smooth process.
Advance planning is the key!

Pre-arrival checklist
  • Learn about our Sponsor Program. Request a sponsor, especially if you are coming from "A" school. Indicate your contact number / info or you can reach the Command Sponsor Coordinator at (301) 319-4844.
  • Make a list of key telephone numbers at your next duty station.
  • Schedule shipment of personal property.
  • Notify your landlord, rental agent, or Housing Office of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Give written notice if there is a military clause in your lease.
  • Begin a calendar for your move. Set timelines to help organize yourself. Include items to remember: housing availability, school records for children, ID cards, change of address card, temporary lodging, etc.
  • Budget your move. Call your Finance Office or Personnel Service Detachment (PSD) to discuss your travel pay options.
  • Arrange travel.
  • If you are taking your entitled TAD house-hunting/leave upon arrival please ensure that you complete your check-in process with Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), before commencing on your leave days.
  • Bring documents
    • Copies of orders
    • Military ID
    • Health records (including immunizations)
    • Dental record
    • Service record
    • Birth certificate(s)
    • Marriage certificate
    • Power of attorney
    • Personal will
    • Citizenship papers
    • Bank books
    • Insurance cards
    • Car registration and title
    • Social security cards
    • Credit card records
    • Voter registration
    • Emergency data information
    • School records/transcripts
    • Leave and earning statement
    • Transportation, shipping, & storage documents
    • State and federal records
Check-in process at WRNMMC
Where to report:
  1. Monday - Friday, 0730 - 1600. - report to the DMHRSI In-process/Out-processing office, Bldg 8, 2nd floor, room 2186.
  2. After duty hours, on weekends, or holidays - report to the Command Duty Office, Bldg 10, 1st Floor, (301) 295-4611 or toll-free number above.
  3. Please be in the appropriate Uniform of the Day.
  4. Ensure your ORIGINAL COPY of orders was stamped by the Command Duty Office Staff.
  5. In-processing will be discussed upon reporting to the DMHRSI office.


Building: 8 Floor: 2 Room: 2230

Phone Command Duty Office :
(301) 295-4611

Toll-free automated phone-line :
1 (800) 526-7101

Sponsor Coordinator :
(301) 319-4844

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
0730 - 1600