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Your vital communication link to the Command
The ombudsman is the primary point of contact between the families at home and WRNMMC during deployment.

The commanding officer’s morale liaison
The ombudsman assists the CO in promoting morale and welfare for the command’s families.

History of the Navy Family Ombudsman Program
In 1970, then-Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt recognized the issues and concerns that are unique to Navy families. In response to those issues, he established the Navy Family Ombudsman program. The volunteer program is governed by OPNAVINST 1750.1D and is designed to provide better communication between Navy families and Navy officials.

The Command Family Ombudsman program belongs to the command and is shaped by the commanding officer’s perception of the needs of the command. The ombudsman is appointed by and works under the guidance of the commanding officer (CO). The CO determines the priorities of the program, the roles and the relationships of those involved in it, and the type and level of support it will receive. The effectiveness of the command ombudsman program in serving the needs of the command and its family is greatly influenced by these decisions.


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