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Operational Support Office (OSO)

Welcome aboard reservists! Your contribution to America, to Navy Medicine, and to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Bethesda is greatly appreciated. The Operational Support Office (OSO) is committed to providing you with a rewarding experience and the highest qualities of customer services fostering Navy Corp’s Values. Our staff is looking forward in serving you and the needs of the Navy.

The Operational Support Office is the primary point of contact for Navy Reserve matters at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Bethesda and its satellite Branch Medical Clinics (BMC). The OSO and staff provide administrative support to facilitate the integration of assigned reserve personnel into WRNMMC oversees more than 500 Reservists drilling in 18 Naval Reserve Detachments across 8 states and 2 REDCOMS. Our Mission is to ensure the effective engagement of all reserve assets assigned. The OSO coordinates and forwards all requests for operational support to BUMED M1 for validation and advertisement in the Medical Reserve Utilization Program Management Information System (MEDRUPMIS). Coordinates and facilitates training opportunities to meet Command Mission requirements and maintain the highest reserve operational readiness.

To exceed the highest qualities of services ensuring Command missions requirements are met and maintain for operational readiness.

Preparing to Report
Reporting Aboard
Pay, Travel, Money
Uniform of the Day

Preparing to Report
  1. Member must be fully fit for duty, ready to work in assigned workspace.
  2. Grooming - conform to the current Navy-wide grooming standards. Personnel not in compliance with these standards will not be checked in for duty until deficiencies are corrected.
  3. Required documents and other items -
    • Original Orders - (AT/ADT/ADSW/IDTT), including modifications. When putting in orders on NROWS, the UIC for WRNMMC is 00168. Note: BCN numbers are required for ALL orders to Bethesda. BCNs will only be issued by the Operational Support Office.
    • Certified page 2. Verification, do not have to bring but must be updated in https://nsips.nmci.navy.mil prior to arrival.
    • Valid military I. D. card.
    • Current BLS Certification.
    • Security (secret) Clearance Required.
      IAA DoD Information Assurance Awareness
    • Parking is very limited. Navy Reservist is strongly encouraged to take public transportation. If not this is not an option, please give the OSO office a call for guidance.
    • Uniform of the Day must be worn when reporting in and while working at the Medical Center. The following is a seasonal chart of Uniforms for this area:
      - Summer: Officer and CPO's: Khaki E-6 and below: Service Uniform
      - Winter: Officer and CPO's: Khaki E-6 and below: Service Uniform
      - NWU is uniform of the day for some rates/ departments such as MA's, LS's and others. Please Check assigned workspace's LPO/Supervisors for conformation before arrival.
    • HIPPA Certificates. Having this proof of completion dramatically shortens your check-in time.
  4. HIPAA Preparation. Link to, register for, and take HIPAA Training. This is mandatory for WRNMMC staff. It is strongly recommended that you complete the training prior to checking in. If you have already registered but don’t have your username/password, do not re-register! Contact the HIPPA helpdesk at 800-600-9332 or email help@mhs-helpdesk.com to reactivate your account.

  5. New HIPAA registrants - important notes:
    • Domain code is 0067.
    • For HMs, select ‘Nursing’ as your job position. This most closely relates to your responsibilities.
    • For MAs, Its and CSs, select 'Facility Support Services.
    • After registering, please keep your username and password in a secure place and bring them with you when you report for duty. You will need that information to access HIPAA every year for annual refresher courses.

Reporting Aboard
  • Check-in at Operational Support Office (OSO):
    Report NLT 0730. Opportunities to complete HIPPA will be provided if necessary. Paperwork for a staff badge, CHCS account and email access will be given. The Check-in process could take up to 5 hours if HIPPA has not been completed prior to reporting. If HIPPA is complete and certificates are printed, the Check-in process will only take 30 minutes.
  • Check-out:
    • Check-out in the uniform of the day on the last day of your Annual training orders.
    • The last day of AT is considered a full day at your assigned workspace.
    • Flights home should not be made earlier than 1700.
    • Officers - Fitness Reports and Performance Appraisal Reports (PAR) must be submitted via your chain of command. Please ensure that your Department Head signs it before dropping it off at the Professional Affairs Office. Copies of FITREPS or PARs may be left with the OSO but it is not required.
  • Credentials:
    Current policy requires that an Individual Credentials File (ICF) be maintained on each HealthCare Provider as well as an Individual Professional File (IPF on each Nurse Corps Officer in the Naval Reserves. Validated credentials are the basis upon which Medical Treatment Facility Commanding Officers grant privileges to treat patients.

    The Professional Affairs Office (301-319-8923) maintains an Appendix N on all nurses and an Appendix Q on all providers. Members must have current licenses and have clinical privileges (if necessary) to perform AT at Bethesda.

Duty Assignments
Duty assignments are made based on command manpower requirements, NOBC, SSC, and NEC qualifications and individual training objectives. Duty hours are based on the work centers needs and will be equal to those of your active duty counterparts. If you have a specific request regarding duty hours, this will require coordination with your assigned work center. Per the FY06 Bumpers Instruction, Fitness Reports are no longer required for reservists doing an AT at their gaining command. For all others, a FITREP is required for officers on orders of 11 days or greater. All AT Fitness Reports will be graded as non-observed; block 41 on the FITREP can describe your activities and achievements. Enlisted that are performing more than 11 days of Annual Training are encouraged to request a PIM (performance Information Memorandum) BUPERSINST 1610.10 from their assigned workspace supervisor.

Per OPNAVINST 11103.1B, "POLICIES AND PROCEDURES GOVERNING BACHELOR HOUSING," the following are Bethesda-area berthing options:
  • WRNMMC Bethesda do not have Government Quarters available for short-term transients. For berthing, you must contact the Navy Lodge at 800-628-9466 or 301-654-1795 for reservation. If there are no rooms available for the period you are requesting reservation for, a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) will be issued to you. For other military berthing facilities in the area, please visit http://dodlodging.net/
  • A CNA is required for reimbursement of the Navy Lodge and all other forms of off-base commercial berthing. CNAs can be issued by either SATO or the CBQ. SATO-issued CNAs are found on the flight itinerary. If SATO does not issue a CNA or you are driving, the CBQ will issue a CNA if there are no rooms available. The CBQ requires you to fax your orders to them before they will issue a CNA. The Operational Support Office (OSO) does not issue CNAs. As you process your orders through NROWS (, answer the questions in the travel section to make reservations for your Airline, Rental Car, and Lodging. If you need further assistance contact your NOSC or NOSC Training Officer
  • All billeting arrangements are made by the reserve center AT coordinator through the Commercial Transportation Office (SATO).
    - SATO Reservations 1-800-576-9327 If you are driving you will need to call and make your own berthing reservations.
  • Taxes - a 12% hotel tax per room applies in the Washington metropolitan area. Federal employees are not exempt from lodging taxes incurred during official travel, such as AT/ADT/ADSW.
    Navy Lodge (on the Bethesda Campus a 20 minute walk to the Medical Center Metro stop) 8901 Wisconsin Avenue, Bldg 52
    Bethesda MD
    Local number 301-654-1795
  • MESSING: Non- availability Future Messing to TBD Messing letter (if necessary) is available upon request.

Pay, Travel, and Money
  • Report with enough money to eat and for incidentals wile on AT. On a case-by-case basis you may apply for advanced travel upon arrival. (Verify this with your NOSC)
  • All pay is direct deposit. It will consist of basic pay and allowances and travel for those members who are local.
  • All other members need to complete a supplemental travel claim 1351/2 upon return to their reserve center with final receipts and a copy of original orders.
  • Your AT coordinator will assist you in completing your travel voucher/claim.
  • We will have your original orders ready for you on the day you check out.
    NOTE: Any questions regarding your supplemental travel claim should be directly referred to the Travel Processing Center.
  • Advanced per diem
    Advance per diem is 80% of the total per diem authorized by your orders. Payment is made by direct deposit or (EFT). Please make arrangements at your Reserve Unit before reporting for duty.
  • Travel claims
    Upon checkout, travel claims should be processed as per your Reserve Unit policy.
  • Personal money
    • Bring enough money to cover expenses. Bethesda is a high cost area.
    • A government issued credit card (GTCC) may be used to offset initial out-of-pocket expenses. Contact your reserve (NOSC) center's credit card coordinator for details. Should have GTTC with you while on AT or ADT.
Uniform of the Day
  • Enlisted member should report for AT in the Year Round Service Uniform.
  • Enlisted members should bring at least one set of the Navy Work Uniform (NWU).
  • Khakis and Dress Blues are acceptable attire for officers and senior enlisted year-round.
  • Scrub attire will be supplied by the command for those assigned by department that required them.

  • BUPERS Online Help Desk:
    (901) 874-4717

  • Chaplain Support:
    (800) 245-4546

  • Defense Travel System National Helpdesk:
    (888) 435-7146 (Help1Go)

  • Defense Travel System Helpdesk (CNRFC N33):
    (888) 537-4617

  • Emergency Travel:
    (202) 340-6525

  • Fleet Training Management and Planning System: (only training rep contacts)
    (866) 438-2898

  • Medical Readiness Report System:
    (800) 537-4617 (option 3)

  • Military One Source:
    (800) 342-9647

  • Navy Personnel Command:
    (866) 827-5672

  • Naval Reserves Order Writing System Customer Support Center:
    (800) 537-4617

  • Naval Standard Integrated Processing System:
    (877) 589-5991

  • TRICARE Dental Plan:
    (888) 622-2256

  • TRICARE Information Center:
    (888) 363-2273

  • Thrift Savings Plan:
    (877) 968-3778


Building: 17 Floor: 1 Room: 1177

CAPMED (Bldg 27) and Bldg 11.

From the main entrance,go straight thru the double doors pass the elevators thru the atrium.

We are located at the very end to the right pass the double doors, suite 1C.

Main: (301) 295-0974

DSN: 295.0974

Operational Support Officer:
(301) 319-8471

Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO):
(301) 295-4056

Commanding Officer
(drill weekends):
(301) 295-4082

WRNMMC Command Duty Office:
(301) 295-4611

Fax: (301) 295-6724

Hours of Operation
Drill weekends
0730 - 1600

Monday thru Friday
0730 - 1600