Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)

What is Sexual Assault?
Sexual Assault is defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat or abuse of authority or when the victim does not or cannot consent.

Sexual Assault includes: Rape, nonconsensual sodomy, indecent assault, or attempts to commit these acts. Sexual Assault can occur without regard to gender or spousal relationship or age of victim.

Contact a Victim Advocate (24 hours/day) (301) 442-8225

Reporting Options: DoD policy provides two options for reporting assault – restricted and unrestricted reporting.

Restricted Report
This option is for victims of sexual assault who wish to confidentially disclose the crime to specifically identified individuals without triggering the official investigative process. Service Members who desire Restricted reporting under this policy must use one of the following reporting avenues:
  • SARC
  • VA
  • Health Care Provider (HCP) or personnel
  • Chaplain

Who May Make a Restricted Report?
Who is eligible for a Restricted Report? At this time only military personnel of the Armed Forces and the Coast Guard. Military personnel include members on active duty and members of the Reserve component (Reserve and National Guard) provided they are performing federal duty (active-duty training or inactive-duty training and members of the National Guard in Federal (Title 10) status.

Who is not eligible? Members of the Reserve component not performing Federal duty are not eligible. Retired members of any component are not eligible. Dependents are not eligible under this policy (See Family Advocacy) for more info related to dependents. DoD civilian employees or contractors and civilians are not eligible.

Unrestricted Report
This option is recommended for victims of sexual assault who desire medical treatment, counseling and an official investigation of the crime. When selecting Unrestricted Reporting, you should use current reporting channels, e.g.:
  • Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
  • Victim Advocate (VA)
  • Chaplain
  • Health care personnel
  • Chain of command
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal personnel


1 (800) 342-9647


Overseas Collect
(484) 530-5908