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Support Groups

Education, coping skills, encouragement, and more are benefits of our support groups. Please join us!
See key below for eligible participants.

Antepartum Support Group For High Risk Obstetric Patients
This group offers stress reduction, coping skills, prenatal education, and other needs as identified for patients experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. The group meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 0900 on the 6th floor Mother and Infant Care Center. Call (301) 319-5038 for more information and to confirm a meeting time and place.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Res/Ret

Arthritis Support Group
This group promotes wellness for those diagnosed with arthritis by providing health education and support. The group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Call (301) 295-4512 to confirm time and meeting place.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Res/Ret/DoD-Civ

Breast Cancer Survivors’ Groups Support Groups
Offered to women diagnosed with breast cancer. Two support groups are available for different stages of breast cancer. A support group for Stages I and II breast cancer meets every other Friday from 1300 - 1430  A support group for Stages III and IV breast cancer meets every other Monday from 1300 - 1430. Meetings are confidential and include women of all ages. Support group sessions are facilitated by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Please call (301) 295-6360.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Res/Ret/DoD-Civ

COPD Support Group (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
This group lends support to those suffering from chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other lung diseases. The group meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 1000 - 1100. For more information call (301) 295-4191.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Res/Ret

Diabetes Support Group
Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays every month from 1330 - 1500 in the Press Room, Building 2, 4th floor, room 4006. Facilitated by experienced Social Worker. No appointment, referral, or registration required. Open to all patients and family members with diabetes. Call 295-3037 for more information.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Res/Ret

Exceptional Family Member (EFM) Parent/Spouse Support Group
This group is a wonderful network of families facing the challenges of special needs. The group allows exceptional families to share information on community resources, medical benefits care, effective parenting skills, stress management techniques, communication skills, and much more. The group meets the 3rd Thursday of every month from 1400 - 1530 at the Early Intervention Services Team Conference Room, 7 East, Room 7013A. For further information and registration call (301) 295-5045.
Eligible - AD Only

HIV Support Group
Open to HIV+ individuals. The group meets daily from 1030 - 1200. Please call before coming. (301)295-6294 or (301) 295-2579.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Ret

Navy New Parent Support Team (NPST)
The NPST provides education and support services to expectant families with children under the age of four months and new parents. The team assists new parents with balancing the demands of military life and parenting. The team will help new parents cope with such issues as stress, isolation and deployment. Call (301) 295-4400/4401.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Res/RetM

Prostate Support Group
The WRNMMC Prostate Cancer Support Group meets on the last Friday of each month. Contact the Urology Clinic at (301) 295-4271 for more information. Leave a message for the Red Cross volunteer who coordinates the group’s monthly meetings.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Res/Ret

Spiritual Support Groups
Chaplains facilitate a variety of Spiritual Support Groups for special patient populations. These groups bring people together who are experiencing similar concerns to foster spiritual and emotional healing. For more information on specific spirituality and support groups, contact the Chaplain's Office at (301) 295-1510.
Eligible - AD/Ben/Res/Ret/DoD-Civ


Eligible Participants

AD Ben Res Ret DoD-Civ
Antepartum available available available available not available
Arthritis available available available available available
Breast Cancer Survivors available available available available available
COPD available available available available not available
Diabetes available available available available not available
Exceptional Family Member available not available not available not available not available
HIV available available not available available not available
New Parent available available available available not available
Prostate available available available available not available
Spiritual available available available available available
Participant Key:
AD - active duty
Ben - family members of eligible military
Res - Reservists
Ret - Retirees
DoD-Civ - Department of Defense civilians