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Entry Criteria

Applications for the fellowship are accepted only from active duty United States Army psychologists. Entry into the WRNMMC neuropsychology fellowship is based upon completion of an APA or CPA accredited doctoral education and training program in clinical or counseling psychology. Fellows will also have successfully completed an APA or CPA accredited internship, which typically includes some training in neuropsychology. In all cases, candidacy for postdoctoral training in clinical neuropsychology must be based on demonstration of skills as a health services provider in the scientist practitioner model, and an interest in and capacity for the specialty of clinical neuropsychology. Applicants to the fellowship must possess an unrestricted license to practice psychology in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia, must possess the 73B Specialty Skills Indicator, and must meet other requirements for selection as determined by the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Long Term Health Education and Training (LTHET) program based upon the discretion and guidance of the Psychology Consultant to the United States Army Surgeon General. Currently one active duty United States Army psychologist is accepted for the WRNMMC Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program in Clinical Neuropsychology each year. The knowledge base upon entry into the fellowship will ordinarily include doctoral level competency in the following substantive areas:

General Psychology Core
1. Statistics and methodology
2. Learning, cognition, and perception
3. Personality and social psychology
4. Biological basis of behavior
5. Life span development

Generic Clinical Core
1. Psychopathology
2. Psychometric theory
3. Interview and assessment techniques
4. Intervention techniques
5. Professional ethics


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