Center for Nursing Science & Clinical Inquiry (CNSCI)

The WRNMMC Center for Nursing Science & Clinical Inquiry supports clinical practice and nursing research by establishing a scientific foundation for the care of military members and beneficiaries. CNSCI’s research portfolio and expertise span both health and illness in the full range of in- and out-patient clinical settings, including pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment areas of inquiry.

CNSCI can guide preparation and submission of protocols to the Institutional Review Board. Moreover, the CNSCI provides support for all aspects of research and presentation.
Design, methodology
Data analysis and interpretation
Development of surveys
Manuscripts, abstracts, posters
Publication clearance
Literature reviews and syntheses
Translation of research into practice
Consultation for Evidence-Based Practice projects



Main  Office Location
Building 17B
3rd Floor, Suite C

Main (301) 295-8239

CNSCI Office Location
Building 17B
4th Floor, Suite 4A

Main (301) 400-1237

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday
0700 - 1630