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Warrior and Family Coordination Cell:
An Overview


The Warrior Family Coordination Cell (WFCC) serves as the central coordination point between military branches and commands for all non-medical support with Wounded, Ill and Injured (WII) members.

WII support is the collaboration of all logistics and resource components on the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), Bethesda campus that provide continuous non-medical support to the WII service members and their families.

WFCC Operations

The Operations Section provides Event and Donation coordination for the WII and their families. Their mission is to provide the WII and their families at WRNMMC opportunities to enjoy wholesome activities on and off the campus, which are crucial in the service member’s reintegration back into society after very serious injury or illness. In keeping with this mission, Events/Donations staff coordinates with benevolent organizations and individuals within the global community who supply goods and services to our recovering WII population and their families.

“Events” include: White House, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Office of the Secretary of the Navy, Army and Air Force, Capitol Hill special invitational events as well as all other types of offerings. This office coordinates with over 550 benevolent organizations and coordinates 90-100 events per month. Since Sept 16th 2011, we have coordinated and executed 4700+ events. This far exceeds the number of events handled by Walter Reed Georgia Ave and Naval Medical Center Portsmouth combined, and is four times the number of events that the National Naval Medical Center was accustomed to prior to Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC).

Since Sept 16th 2011, this section has effectively managed over $500K in proffered goods from benevolent organizations and individuals within the global community.

Gift Procedures

Gifts to individuals are prohibited unless an exception applies, such as:

  • Gifts to the organization (WRNMMC) for WII and Non-WII
  • For the benefit of all or a specified clinic/population
    • Such as cash, art, equipment
  • Individual items given to WRNMMC for distribution as determined by the organization
    • Such as tickets to a sporting event or an outing
Please submit proffers in advance of allocating your resources and no less than 30 days prior to preferred date
  • Letters proffer must:
    • Describe in detail the gift and provide estimated value
    • Provide sufficient details to prevent misunderstanding between your intent and WRNMMC execution
    • Specify whether the gift is unconditional or with conditions/restrictions
    • Provide sufficient evidence that you are authorized to offer the gift on behalf of your organization
Proffers must be specific and completed in its entirety. Additional goods, services, visitors, etc. not specified in the proffer will not be accepted the day of the event. Donated Items Donations by mail or by drop-off for WII and/or Non-WII will be coordinated with, received, and distributed by American Red Cross (ARC) at WRNMMC
  • Donations cannot be received after hours
  • ARC may be reached at 301-295-1538, 8 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday
All donations, including those sent by mail or dropped-off, must be coordinated in advance.

If a benevolent organization desires to distribute donated items, coordinate with WFCC .

If benevolent organization desire to distribute donated items to WII and/or “All”, coordinate with GDA.
Gift Procedures: WII Only

Gifts to individuals are prohibited unless an exception applies, such as Gifts to WII (per FY06 NDAA)

Staffing of proffered events
  • We encourage the independence of all patients in order to achieve rehabilitation and reintegration goals
  • Assignment of medical/staff attendant is the exception, not the rule:
    • Each event is reviewed on a case-by-case basis
    • Assignment of attendant requires senior leadership approval
    • If deemed necessary and attendant available, WRNMMC will assign attendant at government expense
Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS)
  • One of the largest volunteer programs in the Federal government
  • More than 7,400 national and community organizations
  • Supported by a VAVS National Advisory Committee, comprising 55 major Veteran, civic, and service organizations
  • 136,275 volunteers in 2013, with 79,154 active
  • $86M in gift and donations in 2013
VAVS: authority to accept gifts/donations, policy, collaboration

Sabrina Clark, Director, VA Voluntary Service
(202) 461-7300; sabrina.clark@va.gov

Recreation Therapy: outings / events

Larry Long, Director, Recreation Therapy

National Programs & Special Events: adaptive sports/National sporting events/Creative Arts

Jose Llamas, Community & Public Affairs, National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events

Ongoing outreach and collaboration

Kathleen Sullivan, Director, Office of Outreach Collaboration

USO Warrior and Family Center Bethesda
  • A new venue; > 16,000 sq. ft. BBQ terrace – outdoor seating for 125 and 2 gas grills and one charcoal grill
  • Community room – divided into three rooms which seats 75 persons/room in theater style and/or a 50 persons/room in banquet style. Three 90” flat screen TVs in each community room
  • Dining room (only if event is open to all AD) – seating for 96 persons
  • To reserve, please contact Pauline Sumner, 703-899-2751, pauline@usometro.org
"All" Monetary Donations

POC: Mr. Wertin
Phone: 301-400-0458
Email: adam.s.wertin.civ@mail.mil

Base Access

Effective 1 OCT 2014 the WRNMMC, USUHS, and AFRRI staff ID credentials will no longer be accepted as access control credentials at NSAB's Entry Control Points (ECP).

  • All unescorted visitors will require vetting through the NCIC, Sex Offender, and Terrorist databases.
  • ONLY the following IDs will be accepted at ECPs:
    • DoD CAC
    • DoD TESLIN (military retiree, dependent, reservist, etc.)
    • Veterans' Administration ID card WITH AN APPOINTMENT!
    • NCACS ("RAPIDGate")
    • Civil Service Retiree ID
    • NSAB One-day or Temporary Pass
    • U.S. Government-authenticated federal PIV credentials (most of which look like a CAC), with a valid reason to access the installation on official business only
    • NSAB Access Credential ID
Visitors not in possession of a USG authenticated Federal PIV credential may access the Installation by one of three ways:
  • "Trusted Traveler" - escorted by a DoD Civil Service employee or military member, dependent, or reservist. The Trusted Agent must remain with the visitor at all times while aboard the installation. (Contractors ARE NOT authorized to escort others)
  • "Pre-vetted Access List" - Requestor (WFCC for proffered events only) submits an access request AND completed SECNAV Form 5512/1, via email at least three working days (MON-FRI) in advance.
    • Visitor will be pre-vetted during the three working day timeframe
    • Visitor's name will be placed on the pre-vetted access list at the control points
  • "Pick up a Pass" - Requestor (WFCC for proffered events only) submits an access request via the access request email at least three working days (MON-FRI) in advance.
    • Arrive one hour before meeting or event, and receive pass from Visitor Control Center (Pass & ID)

Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), DoD 5500.7-R, prohibits WRNMMC from:
  • Providing government transportation
  • Chartering non-goverment transportation with appropriated funds
WRNMMC may use other limited gift funds to charter non-government transportation when transportation is not provided by the donor if:
  • Gift funds are available, and
    The event is within 50 miles of WRNMMC
  • At least 10 WII and/or non-WII service members participate, and
    Cost of transportation does not exceed fair market value of gift
WFCC Proffer form JULY 2014.pdf
WFCC Donations and Events Proffer.pdf

WFCC Staff
 LCDR Burke
Department Head
 LTJG Shareef
Operations Service Chief
 CPO Valentin
Senior Enlisted Leader
 HM1 Baring
Leading Petty Officer
 HM1 Cavey
Assistant Leading Petty Officer
 HM3 Evans
Event Planner/360Hero
 HM3 Perkosky
Event Planner/360Hero
 HM3 Reiber          
Information Desk/360Hero
 Ms. Evette Fields-Matthews          
Event Planner